01. We've had to [postpone] the picnic because a number of people are busy that day.
02. The search for the plane that crashed in the mountains has been [postponed] due to bad weather.
03. I'm afraid that if we decide to [postpone] our wedding, my fiancé will change his mind about getting married.
04. After several [postponements], our badminton tournament has finally been scheduled for July 20th.
05. The doctor phoned and wants to [postpone] your surgery for a couple of weeks.
06. The Queen's visit has been [postponed] indefinitely, due to the outbreak of hostilities in the region.
07. The [postponement] of negotiations between the union and management will only make things more difficult.
08. We are going to [postpone] the test for a couple of days so that everyone has a chance to prepare properly.
09. My professor has [postponed] the due date for our research projects because so many people said they wouldn't be able to finish on time.
10. A couple of people have said that they can't come to the meeting, so why don't we just [postpone] it for a couple of days?
11. Seneca once suggested that while we are [postponing], life speeds up.
12. An Icelandic proverb states that the revenge that is [postponed] is not forgotten.
13. A Filipino proverb suggests, "[Postpone] today's anger until tomorrow."
14. A Turkish proverb notes that God [postpones]; he does not overlook.
15. A Lebanese proverb tells us, "Do today what you want to [postpone] until tomorrow."
16. I'm supposed to die soon, but I'm hoping to [postpone] for a while.
17. Dr. Joel Noble once observed that the purpose of medicine is to prevent significant disease, to decrease pain, and to [postpone] death when it is meaningful to do so.
18. Pierre Corneille once noted that desire increases when fulfillment is [postponed].
19. Machiavelli once stated that there is no avoiding war; it can only be [postponed] to the advantage of others.
20. Mason Cooley once said that alcohol [postpones] anxiety, and then multiplies it.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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